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Introduction We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as ANGIE HOMES – a Company that offers you a splendid array of furniture to make your ...


We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as ANGIE HOMES – a Company that offers you a splendid array of furniture to make your house aesthetically comfortable. Probably one of the most popular furniture essentials that one would find in almost every home as of the present time is the TV unit. It forms the central aspect of your living space furniture as it is both a functional item and a work of art. This blog is about the different types of TV units, the designs available and where Angie Homes can assist when looking for the perfect unit to compliment the room. Now, let’s start exploring the world of TV Units to find the one that fits perfectly into your living area.

What is TV Unit?

A TV unit also known as an entertainment center or a media console is an article of furniture with the specific purpose of housing a television set and conventionally other electronic devices. It gives you space for your television to sit in and also conceal the wires and other accessories that may be connected to the television as well as include extra storage or shelving. Purchasing TV units are not a hassle since they are available in different designs, and materials and they come in different sizes and styles that will fit every type of home.

Types of TV Unit

This begs the question: When it comes to the specific category of TV units, the product differentiation is perhaps as vast as it gets. While some are more tailored to specific requirements and states of mind in the targeted audience . Here are some common types of TV units:

  • TV Cabinet: Doors for storing items which could be closed to prevent them from being seen in the room.
  • TV Showcase: Selling , Storage, and retrieval space; Mezzanine shelves for display purposes and easy access to stocks.
  • TV Stand: A stand that the TV relies on at a basic level.
  • TV Console: Cabinet – a storage and winder simultaneously or stored at a low and smooth height.
  • TV Table: Mainly wooden and plain with less widths than an entertainment center and similar to a TV stand.
  • Corner TV Stand: Stove designed to fit into any corner, fully utilizing the corner to save space.

Buy TV Units Online At Low Prices

Buying TV units online is another method that is straightforward and even savvier in most cases. Angie Homes delivers a diverse choice of Television stands at cheap prices and will not make you break a sweat to take a look at it without breaking your back. The flexibility of online furniture shopping presented at our store means that you can quickly find out the detailed descriptions and dimensions of your chosen items and get clear highquality photographs to think of how this or that piece of furniture will look in your home.

Explore From The Range Of TV Unit Designs Available On Angie Homes

Besides, we have taken a lot of pride in making sure that Angie Homes has available for its various clients a range of designs of TV unit s to meet the tastes of the market. Here are some of the top designs you can explore

    • Modern TV Unit Design

      Current designs of TV units are in trend where designs are simple and elegant without any twist or turns. It may also come with high glossy finish and sometimes those that have metallic-touch physical appearance and most of them have unique ergonomically friendly mechanical drawers. These units are ideal for modern houses in particular those which aim to establish a trendy uncluttered interior designing theme.

        • Latest TV Unit Design

          Our latest styles and novelties are cutting edge as we try to meet the advances in the latest trends in our TV unit designs. Such units might be joined with the lighting, storage systems, or materials that incorporate features of smart design. Technology upgrades with more modern looks and appeal are perfect for smart homeowners who are well aware of current home designs.

            • Simple TV Unit Design

              Sometimes, less is more. Economical TVs identify with minimalism and are generally stripped-down stylistically. They most commonly incorporate natural wood grains and basic forms that do not overshadow other interior designs. Here again these units are most suitable for those those who would wish to go for a more traditional look.

              TV Unit Types To Match The Aesthetic Of Your Home

              Adjusting this furniture depends on the type of the TV unit that you will buy, in order to match the appearance of your house. Here are some popular types:

                • TV Cabinet

                  TV cabinets are versatile accessories primarily meant to provide storage for television sets, but at the same time, a means of expression for conveying certain styles. They offer ample of closed storage spaces which will be appropriate for maintaining the cleanliness of your living room. Regardless if you are interested in ordinary wooden cabinet designs or customized shelves with glass doors, Angie Homes has the opportunity to offer.

                    • TV Showcase

                      With TV showcases it is easy to express the love for decor items as they are easily visible to the guests. These ones have no doors or small compartments where the items are kept; they have shelves that are open to accommodate other appliances and showpieces, thereby giving your living area a classy appearance. Easy access to other media devices and accessories is achieved since they are also located within the same unit.

                        • TV Stand

                          A TV stand is relatively one of the best solutions which can help to support the television. These stands can also vary significantly in the construction material used; they range from wooden stands with the natural finishing to metallic stands. These best feature compact designs which are favorable for limited space and they can effortlessly be relocated if required.

                            • TV Console

                              TV consoles are basically decorated furniture that is used for storage and varing. They are usually low in height and broad in width so that they could offer a strong flat surface for your television and contain drawers, shelves, or may be cabinets for storage. These units are ideal for and suited to the style of the modern or contemporary home.

                                • TV Table

                                  TV table can be compared to the TV stands, but they are typically smaller and less conspicuous when it comes to design. It will provide a simple and space-saving way of walking your TV and is perfect for a bedroom or a small living room. From the above, the client can choose the design that suits him/her best, ranging from rustic to industrial and minimal designs.

                                    • Corner TV Stand

                                      Get a corner TV stand today and make your corner productive and useful in maximizing your space. Meeting specifically corner installations, these units enable you to save much floor area while ensuring that they will safely support your television. They are ideal for New Yorkers with tiny apartments and will equally suit ANY room that has limited space.

                                        • Hanging TV Stand

                                          If one wants a modern and space saving type of unit then it would be fitting to opt for a hanging TV stand. These units are fixed on walls hence they do not occupy your floor space and they have modern fashionable designs. Some designs come with built in shelves or drawers and cable management compartments that give the device a neat and slim look.

                                          Where To Put Your Tv Unit: Explore Different Placement Options For Your Home

                                          The placement of the TV unit matters more in whether you want it to blend more into the room or to meet the functional needs of having the television. Here are some placement options to consider:

                                          • Living Room: The living room is the most typical place for a TV unit as it has enough space for adding furniture and is generally considered as the center of home entertainment area. Arrange your TV unit before your seating arrangement so that the viewers have a good view of their Television.
                                          • Bedroom: A TV unit in the bedroom, in a way, can help make the bedroom a comfortable personal space. This has the added benefit of occupied less space; consider a diminutive version or one that has to be installed on the wall.
                                          • Home Office: Tv is a must for many people who work from home and if you also like to watch some Tv shows while working then tv unit is exactly what you need. A compact TV stand or a corner unit are examples of furniture designs that may be easy to incorporate into the concept.
                                          • Family Room: The family room also is an ideal place for a TV unit, should the room usually serves as a casual entertainment area and recluse. Some of the things you should consider when deciding where to place your unit include; ensure the unit has adequate space for games, DVDs, and other items that are required for entertainment.
                                          • Basement or Den: Add a specific and affordable TV unit to turn your basement or den into a home theater. Choose a larger unit and incorporate sufficient shelving to present a great atmosphere for the viewers.

                                          Factors To Consider While Buying Tv Units Online

                                          When buying TV units online, it's important to consider several factors to ensure you make the right choice:

                                          • Size: Before you start your project, it is important that you measure the space you have well so that you can tell which size of the TV unit will be ideal for your room. First of all you must take into consideration the size of the TV that you have or you are going to have and other equipments or other accessories if so required to be stored inside it.
                                          • Material: These are available and made from materials such as wood, metal, glass and engineered wood among others. Select an appropriate material that fits the interior design, and it is strong enough to withstand the usage.
                                          • Style: When choosing a Television unit, it is also important to lay emphasis on the style of the home. Angie Homes, like any other home builder, provides several different styles of homes ranging from contemporary, traditional, cabin, and even industrial.
                                          • Storage: Consider its storage capabilities They helps you to think about your storage needs, It makes you to consider its storage capabilities. Will your center require a large storage capacity for DVDs, game consoles and any other accessories?. Choose a unit with sufficient drawers, shelves or cabinets in order to highly enhance the storage facilities required.
                                          • Budget: Be sure to have the full amount of money that you are comfortable to spend, before you get to the shopping fairs. At Angie Homes, we have TV units in different prices ranges so as to ensure that you get what you want from our boasts of the best at affordable prices.
                                          • Reviews: Reviews can be found online or physically be used to describe the quality of the TV unit you’re shopping for. Search as to how well it is assembled, how durable, and how satisfied customers are with the product.

                                          Tips To Take Care Of TV Units In Your Home From Angie Homes

                                          Maintenance plays a significant role in ensuring that your TV unit does not wear off soon such that it may require replacement due to its poor appearance. Here are some tips from Angie Homes:

                                          • Dust Regularly: When placing your TV unit, ensure it is clean so that there will be no dust accumulation that causes scratch. Therefore, you should use a soft cloth that is dry and perhaps a microfiber textile.
                                          • Avoid Harsh Cleaners: Clean the Television unit with soft noscale to avoid rubbing the surfaces since this would require vigorous washing. This finish can also be easily scratched and should not be cleaned using products that contain harsh chemicals.
                                          • Handle with Care: When arranging items on a TV unit, the owner should avoid placing heavy and abrasive items that can scratch the surface of other items or cause impressions on other items. Coasters, felt pads or cushions placed on the surface beneath display items.
                                          • Organize Cables: Accessory cabling: Utilize cable management systems to keep the cords and cables as well organized. This is not only makes the appearance of floors better but also avoids formation of obstacles that may lead to cases of tripping or effecting the floors’ integrity.
                                          • Protect from Sunlight: Ensure that they are kept away from direct sun light to avoid bleaching or warping of your Television unit. As a final step to safeguard your furniture, use curtains or blinds to cover them from the harsh UV rays .
                                          • Check for Wear and Tear: Try to examine the condition of your TV unit with regular intervals so that you notice any sign of trouble. This means that to maintain a good status one must always sure the loose screws and fix any problems that may be present.

                                          Why Choose Angie Homes For Your Furniture Needs?

                                          At Angie Homes we have made it our mission to bring you nothing but the best quality furniture and fabulous style. Here's why you should choose us for your TV unit and other furniture needs:

                                          • Wide Selection: We have an assortment of TV units in different designs, measurements, and made up of different materials to provide for various requirements of purchase.
                                          • Quality Craftsmanship: This feature reflects the proper workmanship that has been done with keen bothering on durability as well as timeless elegance of every piece of furniture we sell.
                                          • Competitive Prices: Selecting affordable furniture is not a big challenge when you are our customer because we offer highquality furniture at cheap prices.
                                          • Convenient Online Shopping: The website we have created is easily understandable and navigational and you can easily browse and then compare the units that are available in our store without even stepping out of your house.
                                          • Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is one thing we place very much emphasis on because we try to offer the best customer service to our clients. We are always prepared to support you in case of any issue or clarification needed to be made.
                                          • Fast and Reliable Delivery: Delivery of a TV unit is made very flexible with us; this lets our customers receive their TV unit as soon as possible and securely.


                                          A wellchosen TV unit is extremely versatile for the living room since it offers a working television and also a piece of furniture that adds aesthetic value to the area. We have several TV units at Angie Homes that range from the simplest to the most complex designs to suit any household and income level. For the lovers of fashion, for those who prefer contemporary designs, high fashion trends or timeless elegance there is always something here for everyone. Visit our collection today and get the right type of TV unit that will complement your home today.

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                                          Q. Where to buy TV unit designs online?

                                          Ans: There are many types of Television unit designs that are available for purchase at Angie Homes. In our website you can find all you need to know about each product including short descriptions, high-quality pictures, and customers reviews in order to facilitate the decision making process.

                                          Q. Which wood is best for TV unit?

                                          Ans: A few examples of these are oak, walnut, and teak; they are all excellent types of wood for the TV units, as they are strong and the grain patterns are lovely. MDF and Plywood are other players in the market due to their relatively cheap prices and applicability to almost every facet of furniture.

                                          Q. Should a TV unit be wider than the TV?

                                          Ans: An ideal TV unit must be one that is wider than the television set so that it can offer the necessary support needed and also ensure that the unit is proportionate to the TV. It also gives extra space on both sides of the TV where one could opt to have extra storage or a display unit.

                                          Q. What is the purpose of a TV unit?

                                          Ans: A TV unit is a furniture piece specifically designed for backings the TV they offer a dedicated place for the device and its wire and other accessories. This also provides extra shelf space and surface area for decor and accessories, which makes it more functional and attractive in design to its viewers.

                                          Q. How much bigger should TV unit be?

                                          Ans: Some of the guidelines that are recommended while designing a tv unit are that the unit should ideally be 1020% wider than the tv. This makes it safe to use and takes less space as it also offers extra space for other items, be it storage or for decoration.

                                          Q. What should be the length of TV unit?

                                          Ans: A typical TV unit depends on the size of the TV you wish to place and the available floor space in your room. This means that overall dimensions of the unit should be a few inches greater than the width of your TV to both left and right sides. For instance, if you intend to place the TV in your living room together with a UK hello TV that is 50 inches, you should consider purchasing a Stand / TV unit that is not less than 60 inches long.

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