Featuring Anjaleka Kriplani: The Thriving Interior Designing Successor

Introduction Initial Career Achievements Established Brands Awards & Accolades Introduction Triumphed over the interior designing secto...
Featuring Anjaleka Kriplani: The Thriving Interior Designing Successor
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Triumphed over the interior designing sector alongside dominating the national as well as international markets for retail luxury, Anjaleka (Angie) Kriplani has set a high benchmark for the newer generations of interior designers. Having strong connections and a clientele base both in India and abroad, Angie is the third generation of interior designers in her family. Having introduced India to an extensive range of affordable luxury, Angie calls herself ‘versatile’ and does not like to limit herself to one style.


  • Initial Career

After completing her graduation from the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, Anjaleka decided to enter the realm of interior design and bring some revolution in the field. She holds a degree in Interior Architecture which can be puzzling for women to set up a business with. Regardless, she struggled and successfully established her name in bold letters in the leading circles of international interior designers.

For her internship and initial career in interior design she went on to gain experience from illustrious brands like Ralph Lauren and Laura Ashley. When Angie returned to India in the mid-1990s she took the interior designing industry by storm by setting up the Renaissance Homez and Angie Homes. Credited with being the first ones who imported international luxury furniture, Anjaleka hails from an illustrious family having a super successful background in home furnishings.

  • Achievements

Entrepreneurship was not the same during those times. Despite initial challenges, Angie worked her way up, managed to set up her empire in India, and went on to have a huge clientele base. Carving out cozy, comfortable, and inspiring spaces, Anjaleka has spent more than two decades embellishing the interiors with bespoke luxury and molding them into a piece of art that reflects the personality of the client at best.


Whether it is a mixed bag of ultra-classic contemporary or Italian furnishing fused with modern accents, Anjaleka has mastered all and has earned herself the most prestigious and illustrious bunch of clients. She has worked with several industrial giants like Kokila Ambani, Lalit Suri, Vijay Mallya, the Jindals, the Bajajs, the Goenkas, and many others. Moreover, Angie has worked and collaborated with countless companies including some popular names like JW Marriott, Taj, Lalit, Qutub, DLF, Trident Group, Hiranandani, Kingfisher, GAAR, Indiabulls, Dabur, Shapoorji Pallonji, Prestige Group, Apollo Tyres, Sun Group, Jindal Steel & Power, etc.

With her exquisite interior designs, alluring aesthetics, and sheer dedication, Anjaleka Kriplani has mesmerized audiences worldwide and instilled style and class into Indian luxury living. Keeping up with the popular trends, evergreen designs, and demands of the clients’, Angie knows to strike a balance and come up with just the right plan. As trends change in the blink of an eye, our renowned interior designer keeps herself up-to-date and frequently introduces awe-inspiring designs in the market that ultimately become a trend overnight.

Her upscale clientele base digs her versatility and gives her the freedom to independently pick the right designs, themes, and products for their interiors. Angie is known to bring an intense blend of classic and contemporary to the table with an excellent choice of color scheme and material which ultimately plays a leading role in the overall aesthetic. She likes to play with bright designs along with dramatic accents that bring out the best of your space.

Not only Anjaleka has brought a wide range of retail luxury brands and home decor quality to the Indian interior designing landscape but she is also credited with establishing two interior designing firms under the title Renaissance Homez and Angie Homes. These two brands explore themes of luxury lifestyle with a timeless touch of exquisite designs that complement both home and office interiors.

  • Established Brands

Witnessing as well as being part of the evolution of the interior designing industry, Anjaleka Kriplani has startled the field and has truly been an inspiration to future generations in the designing sector. With a dream to establish her own empire, Kriplani returned from New York and today she is the name behind two illustrious and renowned brands, Angie Homes and Renaissance Homez.

Renaissance Homez encapsulates the most cherished furnishings that are personally designed by our eminent interior designer, Anjaleka Kriplani. Angie launched a trail of stores across five cities initially by the name Renaissance Homez that grew up to be the one-stop shop for luxury and fine living. Experiencing the evolution of the interior designing industry, Angie engaged in upcoming trends and time-to-time analyzed and worked on the aesthetics and patterns that are much appreciated by the audience.

Renaissance Homez further presents an extensive array of elegant furniture, fabulous lighting, and rich fabrics and promotes luxury living. The store is known for housing some exquisite accessories from the acclaimed international brand Baker Furniture which is famous for designing homes for popular Hollywood celebrities like Kevin Costner, Cindy Crawford, and Madonna.

The other revolutionizing enterprise established by Anjaleka Kriplani is Angie Homes. Cultivating culture and commerce, Angie Homes invites you on a luxurious journey that will not only complement all interiors but also bring you some astounding pieces that will leave you in awe. Aiming to create a style statement via inspiring and captivating designs, Angie Homes presents a boundless array of home decor products and services in various sectors from hospitality to real estate.

It was in 2020 that Anjaleka decided to launch her affordable luxury brand, Angie Homes online. With the online market taking over everything, Angie Homes has been opened up for online exploration. A one-stop destination for home furnishings and accessories, and operating a well-connected network of builders and manufacturers, Angie Homes ensures quality and finesse in each of its projects.

A brief insight into Kriplani’s Style & Expertise

Since the establishment of Angie Homes and Renaissance Homez by our award-winning interior designer, Anjaleka has worked for several big personalities and her awe-inspiring and elevated aesthetics have not only transformed countless spaces around the globe but also introduced numerous trends in the international market.


Modeling the interior meticulously to tell your story and mirror your personality, Kriplani has curated personalized designs and spaces exploring various themes and styles including Italian, Moroccan, Contemporary, Classical, European, and so forth. Given the versatility of our celebrated designer, she has introduced the revamped essence of our Indian Culture through her enrapturing designs and charismatic aesthetics that will leave you spellbound.

While designing any interiors, Angie adopted her long-followed philosophy of incorporating products and items that will last long and exude a trendy and luxurious vibe. Along with this, she ensures global influence in her designs that are inspired by natural designs, patterns, and materials and also our culture. Anjaleka’s Angie Homes is equipped with a highly-skilled, certified, hands-on creative team that is specialists in high-end commercial projects and residential interiors across the globe. Their expertise is navigated by Angie’s shared perspective and results in the best interiors.

Angie believes that each design and interior is deeply personal for the owner. So Angie’s team spends significant time understanding and analyzing the client’s needs, demands, taste, and emotions. Angie’s team then blends this information with complementing interior aesthetics to provide a personalized touch. With a striking understanding of textiles, fabrics, artwork, interior aesthetics, fine art, custom design, and antiques, Angie Homes brings a refined vision and timeless interior to life in each of their projects.

Exploring and expanding the horizons of her territory, Kriplani has launched wedding registry services with home decor items and artwork curated and designed by her. You can find the ‘Wedding Registry’ corner on the Angie Homes website. Walking along the lines of creating elegant and timeless spaces, Angie introduces the ‘Bridal Registry Service’ that enables you to put together the gifts and decor items of your choice. Make your special occasions more special by making Angie Homes your partner. Angie Homes provides gifts and gift cards for occasions like engagements, weddings, baby showers and births, via wide-ranging choices in home furnishings, bed linen, tableware, kids’ bedroom and furniture, artwork, accessories, and so much more.

Our renowned and illustrious interior designing marvel, Anjaleka Kriplani is known worldwide for her flawless work and enchanting designs. Dazzling the interior designing industry now and then, Angie has not only worked with countless eminent personalities but also introduced various trends and brands to the Indian design sector. You can find her as well as her brands on various social media platforms.

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