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Bedding, often known as bedclothes or bed linen, is the material placed on top of a mattress in a bed for hygienic, thermal, and aesthetic purposes...
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Bedding, often known as bedclothes or bed linen, is the material placed on top of a mattress in a bed for hygienic, thermal, and aesthetic purposes. A typical set of sheets includes a flat top sheet, a fitted or flat bed sheet that covers the mattress, and either a duvet, blanket, or quilt. A duvet cover should occasionally be used in place of or in addition to the top sheet, along with various pillows and pillowcases. Your living room’s cushion covers could be replaced with a new set to dramatically change the look of the room. Cushions are great for providing cosiness, and their covers may easily handle the décor. Do you, however, like to learn how to employ cushion coverings to give your living space a more exotic appearance. The colour and pattern of the bed covers, the walls, the bed, and the bed should all be coordinated. A terrific technique to unify a space is to layer decorative pillowcases on the bed for optimum cosiness. Decorating a home is a difficult task. It’s an art form that brings ideas and physical objects together to create a home’s dynamic appeal.

 Angie Homes offers the greatest bedding for sale. As you are aware, there are many various items one may get for themselves when shopping for bedding online, including bedsheets, bed sets, duvet covers, pillow covers, etc.


The greatest sheets are those that are soft, don’t pill or get fuzzy, wash well without shrinking, and have a nice, pleasant weight. The bedsheets from Angie Homes are praised for their vibrant colours and fascinating patterns. They offer a wide variety of cotton bedsheets, quilted bedcovers, pillowcases, duvets etc. They offer the most lavish and pricey options for bed linens. To find out more about their most recent collections, visit their website. Our sheets are really wonderful. On it are many designs and patterns. It is well-liked all throughout the world for its beauty. The best features of our bedsheets are their vivid colours and elaborate patterns. On our website, you may find the highest-quality cotton bedsheet.

The time when high thread counts equated to quality is long gone. In order to boost the count, several producers now double weave inferior materials with questionable counting techniques and even stitch with thinner threads. So, instead of focusing on the number, choose based on how it feels and how comfortable you are. The softest and most durable fabrics will have thread counts of 450 and higher. Instead Check the pillowcases’ or flat sheets’ top edge’s finishing stitching for quality. Double and triple stitches that are tightly spaced are another sign of quality. Some people choose a bedsheet set when they go shopping for something unrelated because they like the colour and there is a discount on it.


For various purposes, they have a traditional collection of bed linens. It provides linens in the luxury, premium, exclusive, necessary, and gifting categories. Bedsheets are readily available in many locations around India. However, genuine bedsheets made of 100 percent cotton are difficult to come by. But don’t worry; we will let you know where to purchase expensive bed linens at reasonable prices. Bed linens like sheets, quilts, duvet covers, and comforters are available at Angie Homes.

We Focus On Quality

Our USP is our high thread count and quality-focused designer bed linens and covers. Since we have been in business for more than ten years, you can discover bedsheets in materials like Egyptian cotton and percale cotton with a thread count of 200 to 1000.Discover hundreds of patterns and designs; we even carry kids’ bedsheets. Always feel free to stop by There. There are a plethora of websites on the internet where you may buy cotton bedsheets. There are numerous websites that sell stylish, luxury, and double bedsheets online. Angie Homes sells linens of the highest calibre that are 100% cotton, incredibly soft, and have a luxurious feel. The fact that they offer personalization options is a plus. Also quite elegant were the designs. Your bedroom now has a really urban feel thanks to the bedsheets. Many of us are happy with the purchase. For images, you can check the website. Look before purchasing specific items.

Bed sheets are made of a variety of materials, so it’s important to understand what they are and how they feel before making a choice. 100% cotton bedsheets are the main product of Bedsheets India. In addition to these materials, you can choose linen bed sheets, which some people may find to be more pricey. The amount of thread strands used per square inch of cloth is known as the thread count. Logically, increased thread count would imply more opulent, cosy, and substantial bedding. Additionally, the price of the set will increase with the thread count. A thread count between 180 and 400 should be adequate for India’s scorching summers. Choose slightly heavier sheets during the cold and wet weather.

Note that Bedsheets come in two main varieties: flat and fitted. While flat sheets are simple to locate on the market, fitted sheets are quite simple to put on and maintain. There are a lot of people who sell bedsheets, therefore as a consumer, it’s crucial that you pick the best people to make your bedding. Many companies purchase bedding with white labels from wholesale suppliers, add their own labels, and sell the products at such huge margins. Selecting a vendor who doesn't do this and makes a commitment to quality products. You should double-check the length, width, and thickness of your mattress before purchasing bedding online because there are no standard sizes for mattresses in India. Sizes for single and double bed bedsheets are available in India. To properly tuck in the corners, measure your mattress, verify the size of the bedding and choose a larger size.


Our items are manufactured with the utmost care, consideration, and premium fabric to assure high-quality final products. It is possible to handle and use without difficulty or discomfort. When it comes to cleanliness, we make care to produce the cleanest, safest bedding online in a variety of light-weight patterns. Our online bedding sets are machine washable and last longer without difficulties with fading, wear and tear, or scratchy stitches. Bubble wrap and cardboard packaging are used to box the item with the utmost care to ensure that it reaches the consumer undamaged. You can surf websites to find the ideal bedding set or blanket for your residence.

Angie Homes is always there to assist you and ensure that you receive the products in their original conditions. If you want to get some incredibly beautiful, high-quality bed sets, shop at Angie Homes. You could choose a stunning silk pattern to give to a loved one. Additionally, you can get home goods like silk bed sets with beautiful designs and stitching. Duvet covers are warm, frequently inexpensive, machine washable, and easy to switch out if you get sick of one design. Unlike the cover, which may be machine washed, a duvet must be dry cleaned before use. Additionally, you might hand wash it with a gentle detergent before placing it back on your duvet. Make sure your duvet cover can be washed by machine and by hand and has buttons or a zipper to make it simple to remove for washing.


Angie Homes guarantees that their mattresses online are of the finest standard because they are properly designed and tested. Maintaining the highest degree of quality is the aim. Given that they have a firm understanding of Indian clients and access to cutting-edge technologies, we have an advantage over many of their rivals. Mattresses by Angie Homes are made to offer the perfect balance of support and comfort. Additionally, they don’t produce any heat but nevertheless offer the highest level of comfort and disrupt sleep. Good durability means you won’t have to replace it very soon.

You can buy all under one roof- at Angie Homes

Trying to find the top duvet covers? We are also. It goes without saying that we are huge sleep enthusiasts, and our staff of editors are continually testing mattresses, sheets, pillows, and other sleep necessities to identify the premium options that are deserving of the title of best. There are many different styles available, including the softest cottons. Browse all of our top picks or get straight to the content you want. The softest and most durable duvet coverings are available at Angie Homes. The greatest bedding for cold weather is wool, comforters, and duvets since they offer the best heat insulation. To add more warmth, you might purchase thicker duvet covers for duvets. In colder climates, lighter quilts and blankets may need to be layered, although they are ideal for mild winters. Angie Homes is a great option for both your personal bedrooms and guest rooms. It is made of polyester and feels and looks quite soft to the touch. This mink blanket may be readily washed in your washing machines using a mild detergent, unlike other mink blankets. There isn’t much better than slipping into pyjamas, lighting a fragrant candle, putting on a heart-warming film, sipping up coffee, and settling down with the cosiest throw blanket. In India, are you looking for opulent throws online? Browse our online store to find the most opulent throws from the finest blankets. Both a throw blanket and a weighted blanket are attractive options for the couch. But a soft blanket might make for the cosiest evening at home. We are here to assist you in selecting the ideal soft blanket, whether it be one for yourself or a loved one. Check these websites if you’re seeking for a plush, velvety blanket with good construction. You may keep it anywhere because it is also quite lightweight. We also curate kids blankets in beautiful pattern that anyone will fall head over heals.

When it comes to bed pillows, there are several options available, including memory foam, cotton, latex, feathers, innersprings, and gel. Pillows are essential because they keep the head in line with the neck and backbone while you sleep. If the neck or spine is not in a neutral position, a person could experience night-time awakenings that disturb their sleep. Wool and cotton pillows are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Numerous sleep experts advise using down or feather pillows as some of the best pillows for a comfortable night’s sleep. Over time, firm pillows frequently maintain their loft, whereas excessively soft pillows frequently flatten out from the weight of the head. Firm pillows provide the best support for the head, neck, and back. There are many brands selling pillows and cushion online affirming that they made best quality pillows and cushions

 but it is not true. Don’t fall for words or fancy stuff doing rounds on the internet, instead check thoroughly about the brand and customer reviews and then buy. If you are looking for a set of luxurious, comfortable bedding, look through our options at Angie Homes. We can satisfy all of your bedding needs, including bedsets for bedrooms, kid’s rooms, cushion covers, pillows, and pillowcases. We are a market leader in the field of home décor, offering something to suit every taste. You may even use the hue of the bed sheets as the accent colour to bring some brightness to the area. Usually, bed sets don’t come in a size that fits all. Before you go out and get a set, you should be aware of the type to guarantee the best fit for your bed.


Hope this detailed information will help you with the search for your bedding and other assortments. We are a leading destination for not only bedding but a complete home décor brand in India. To add more in your knowledge Angie Homes is pioneered by Ms Anjelika Kriplani single headedly with a dream of catering best products pan globe. With a team of people working and skilled artisans Angie Homes stands out in terms of their quality products and services. If you have any doubts yet or if you want to buy bedding online whether bedsheets for single bed, double bed, or cushions for sofa, throws and blankets or any other home décor item you can check online home décor items on our website at Angie Homes.

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