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Angie's India offers a wide range of food plates includes: Serving plates, starter plates, dinner plates, breakfast plates, small snack plates, appetizer plates or plates for appetizer, side plates, fruit plates, single serve plates, trinket plates, platters, long plates, small plates, deep plates, pasta plates, plates with handle, section plates or plates with sections, decorative plates, soup plates, cup plates, microwave safe plates, cheese plates, cake plates, cheese boards, cheese platters, Lazy Susan turntable, sushi platters, areca leaf plates with palm prints, baking plates, dessert plates and more. Our ceramic plates come in a range of designs: From the classic round plates, to modern asymmetric plates, square plates, to quirky triangle plates, to long serving snacks plates or long platters and sushi plates, to boat plates for starters, hexagon plates, to large cheese boards and serving platters to edge geometric shapes. Angie Homes also houses ceramic plates like funky plates like cactus plates shaped like cactus, fruit plates shaped liked different fruits, coral plates shaped like shells and corals, fish plates shaped like fishes, heart plates shaped like a heart, flower plate or floral plates shaped like fresh blossoms, gift plate shaped like a gift box, leaf plates shaped like leaves, ice cream plates shaped like an ice cream cone and so much more.

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