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Interior Designer Angie Kripalani | Blog on mini master class on dinning room design

Dining rooms and dining tables - our formal fine dining space where we like to entertain In style .

in this blog particularly i would like to show u how to design a fusion dining room .

Fusion dining room and dining table is a synergy between classic and contemporary.

I would get a nice long dining table to seat minimum 10-12 people to seat .. the I would select a large or  Two small Chandeliers.
The chairs I would suggest a high back chairs to make it softer as the other elements in the room would make it attractive with a formal look .

The walls I would place a very very nice and attractive large piece of art . On either side a decorative element for the elevation .

The smaller wall I would keep a fusion Demi lune consoles where we can have storage I would use 2 contemporary mirrors to dress up the space .

A)Large ceiling's. 

B)- very detailed false ceilings 

C)- very nice marble with attractive inlays in borders 

4)- elegant rich luxurious carpets .and curtains 

We will one main long wall which will have Textured cladding .to make a statement.

5) A nice long carpet also Kashmiri or Persian to mix and give a synergy of classic and modern.

6)- a beautiful decorative chandilker  

7)- elegant tableware | napkins holders and glasses .

8- a beautiful rich damask tone on tone table cloth 

9)- A mirror - which will add a lot of character and a beautiful sculpture.

10)- A nice long painting on the credenza | side board .

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