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BLOG | Angie Kripalani | Interior Design - Master Class on Wardrobes.

Wardrobes: We all love our wardrobes and dressing rooms.

Earlier  all wardrobes were for storage of shoes clothing | jewelry and our personal belongings. But now our wardrobes are in large homes | Farm Houses or Luxury design feature as well.

Well planned storage allows you to keep your personal belongings free of clutter.

Without well planned wardrobes - A room becomes dis organised.

A. First you give a requirement to a interior designer.

B.Then you tell them the look you want. The drawers come at the bottom.

C. Usually the height is 8 feet 10 feet or 11 feet, depending on the room height.

D. Wardrobes for the small homes comes in the bedroom itself.

E.Walk in wardrobes are a design feature in stylish home.

   Space for the pencil jewelry documents safe.

Space for the hanger storage the shelves for shirt etc are the part of functional wardrobe.




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