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Kids toilets interiors with soft colours by interior designer Angie Kripalani

How to design a kids toilet .. I love kids and it’s a sheer delight for me to give interior design tips on how to design a toilet .

I would first suggest that we get a layout with soft colours made for the toilet .. once that is done and approved by the client .. personally I would high light the interiors of the toilets by the flooring and the  wall cladding .

The flooring and the wall cladding would be my key design feature .. as per and similar to the photography . I would take a multi colour mosaic flooring in soft happy colours ,such as pinks , mauve , light spblue , yellow ans shades of soft green .I would also use Geometric patterns ti add character to the flooring .

I personally like to colour to the walls I feel colour of used in the right way adds character to the walls .. if the toilet is not very big then it’s good to use mirror to enchanted the space visually .

Another focal point in a kids toilet is the mirror and vanity .. if the toilet is a theme based for a child then the mirror colluded follow the theme .. I prefer mirrors to be ceiling height or short of it .

if it’s a modern mirror solver leaf or duco paint could be used to match the walls and flooring .the vanity could be of laminate .

simple elegant cove Celings with kids wall up lighters or sconces in the toilets .

soft colour bath accessories.. floor rugs for kids , tooth brush holders and bath accessories.

I would prefer wc and shower and tubs all three to  be in  a kids toilets .as it can u used un the child’s latter years .


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