Angie Kripalani Blog Mini Master Class On Bedroom Design.



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Angie Kripalani Blog Mini Master Class On Bedroom Design.

Bedrooms is the most important space in a home and a interior space where we spend the maximum time and home and share precious memories 

Angie personally suggests the ceilings | false ceilings to be well designed - the make a design statement.

i would prefer a cove ceiling or a step ceiling .

if my interior is classic or fushion I would add a cornice usually most people designers suggest a small ceiling 4 inches wide but I thing and design a ceiling -6 inches minimum to make it a design  feature .

I also usually prefer and like to design my bedroom with a lot of sun light and windows up to 10 ft height if possible .Hence I would suggest the same for u too .

I prefer to Make 2 focal points in s bedroom .. the wall where the bed is | head board specially ..and the Tv wall .. besides serving the purpose of supporting the bed and the t v unit.

I suggest that u design it well and make a nice elevation of these 2 walls .. if u a have a high back head board I would suggest a nice metal panels on either size .

and suppose there was a wooden head board o would soften it with fabric panel to soften the look .

some beautiful attractive pieces of furniture - bed - bed side table - t v unit , sofas side and coffee table .

The t v wall could be dressed up with attractive elevation .. with marble or wood ..with an attractive elevation .

The  bed - furniture and accessories will be available at Angie homes.co and if u need any deign help it’s is available at our interior design section .



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