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Stylish modern fireplace in stone and wood

interior designer Angie kripalani  | mini master class on modern fire place design !

Fire place is my my design concept a focal point on a home | space | and a interior detail 

We need to understand a brief from a client | if they want a classic fire place or a modem one !

a design descion if the fire place should be in the formal area of a home .. or the out door space or family room or an informal space ! 
THE 5 golden tips to design the fire place 

1)we need to get the layout | elevation done as the first step in this design 

2).a designer has to decide which materials u need and is a wish list as per the concept 

3).  The drawings  in 2 d or 3 d can be made with sections or detail  of the fire place 

4) another important design feature to be taken into account is that do we have a electric fire place or a real one with a chimney 

5) as a designer in my modem fireplace is in a formal space like living room or out door or a bed room 

I would prefer to use wood and slate to give a look and feel to it .of straight clean lines .. in case of a classic fire place it is easy to dress it up with wood | marble | metal | and with a lot of carving details !

7). If the theme and concept is modern as explained in this blog | I would like to keep a low fire place .. 

The celing height also defines the shape of the fire place | 

as far as the room and interior of the fire place on a living room I would like to keep 2 large sofas with a large coffee table with 2 large chairs so on either side of the fire place we have a seating 

in the out door or could be in a  corner at a diagonal to make it a focal point !!

in a family room | I would use a comfortable fire place 





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